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This section of the Métis Gathering site provides educators with instructional materials to incorporate Métis cultural and informational content into their teaching practices. 

Here you will find videos, lesson plans, and other instructional support material. We highly recommend that these resources are not used as a substitute for connecting with Métis people and community-based organizations. Our hope is that this section provides teachers and educators a place to share content, stories, and experiences to support the incorporation of quality Métis content in their teaching strategies. If you would like to post your resources and share them on our website, please contact [email protected].


Community Resources

Woodworking – Musical Spoons PowerPoint (created & shared by Callam Olver)

Woodworking – Musical Spoons PDF (created & shared by Callam Olver)


Heritage Michif:

Activity book (includes colouring pages found below)

Animals colouring pages

Metis Symbols colouring page

Louis Riel colouring page

Household labels

Northern Michif:

Animals colouring pages

 Metis Symbols colouring page

Louis Riel colouring page

 Household Labels


Other Métis Cultural Resources:

Batoche National Historic Site

Duck Lake Regional Interpretive Centre

Louis Riel – The Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture 

Le Musee de Saint Boniface Museum 

Manitoba Museum 

Rupertsland Centre for Teaching and Learning

Métis Early Learning Resources:

This resource list was created to support the Michif Early Learning programs in Saskatchewan that were developed in partnership with Metis Nation–Saskatchewan, Canadian Geographic Society, Regina Catholic, Regina Public, Saskatoon Catholic, Saskatoon Public, Northern Lights and Île-à-la-Crosse School Divisions. The list is geared towards Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 3. It is a list intended to grow and evolve. It is important to note that some resources on this list may be regional specific and may not be applicable to all locations. Most resources recognize the work and contributions of the Gabriel Dumont Institute but also many other publishers as well as other Metis Nations in Canada.

Download the Current List

Video Resources:

Rita Ducharme reads Ishpow daan li Syel (High in the Sky)

Follow along as Heritage Michif speaker Rita Ducharme reads Ishpow daan li Syel (High in the sky) from the Taanishi Book series published by Gabriel Dumont Institute. 

Métis Identity and Voice in Canada’s National Parks and Historic Sites

This series explores growing Métis pride, recognition and place in Canada and in Canadian National Parks.
the link to the right takes you to the full playlist, and following the links take you directly to each video.

Learn Michif YouTube Channel

Videos of conversational Michif

Louis Riel Institute’s YouTube channel

Michif videos including cultural teachings in a series called Red River Cart Adventures.

“We become who we are by listening and watching. We make la gaalet by the feel of our grandma’s fingers. There are no written recipes for food or life but there are moments and memories that form the basis for Métis identity.”

Elder Norman Fleury