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Métis Women

Grounding the Nation – Métis Women

Métis women ground our Métis Nation. Historically, Métis women were the daughters of First Nations women and European fur traders. These Métis daughters were instrumental in creating a balance among the two worlds they were raised in. Métis women were often referred to as the “Daughters of the Country.” They were born of this land and often taught the medicines and land-based skills of their Indigenous mothers and relatives. 

Today, Métis women still provide important leadership in our families and our communities. Among provincial and federal levels of governance, female Métis leaders share their voices and perspectives to ensure issues impacting Métis women are addressed. It is a deeply held and honoured belief that Métis women give roots and stability to our people.  

“To respect women as givers of life, to teach self-respect to young girls and women, and recognize children as gifts, are teachings that need to be shared.”

Angie Crerar, Métis Elder (Métis Women: Strong & Beautiful, © 2011 National Aboriginal Health Organization)