Showcasing Métis People

The Wandering Métis

Join Jason McKay, AKA The Wandering Métis, as he travels throughout the homeland to meet Métis people with a desire to share their stories and knowledge.

Whether it’s learning to set snares, joining Métis cultural celebrations, digging up a garden, or just listening to people tell their stories, following the work of the Wandering Métis is perhaps one of the best ways to learn about and connect with Métis history, culture, and way of life from the comfort of your own home.

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Jason was raised by both his parents and four older sisters in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. He loved playing hockey and helping at the East End Rink. His passion for hockey not only influenced his childhood but also instilled in him a strong work ethic as he worked at the rink. His personal journey includes overcoming alcohol addiction, a turning point that he is not ashamed of talking about and is proud to be sober for over 2000 days. Jason’s careers include criminal justice before he joined Métis Nation-Saskatchewan as Director of Education. He embraced the opportunity to work for his community.

The idea of The Wandering Métis came by accident. When preparing for our yearly Back to Batoche Days it was mentioned that someone should go around and capture people’s reactions to Back to Batoche Days. Jason happily volunteered and with only his phone, a borrowed tripod and mic, he walked around the grounds and talked to over 200 people. Each time he approached he would say “Hi, I am the Wandering Métis” and that just stuck. He realized how excited the Métis people were to tell their stories and how the non-Métis public wanted to hear these stories and from there the incredible came to be. Today, as a non-political ambassador, he strives to educate people about Métis culture, traditions, and unique way of life through the persona of The Wandering Métis.

His dedication to his newfound identity reflects his commitment to showcasing the Métis story and promoting awareness of their distinct culture. Through social media and storytelling, he envisions creating a platform where people learn and appreciate the rich heritage of Métis people in Saskatchewan. The Wandering Métis aims to inspire and connect others through culture, fostering a deeper understanding of the Métis community’s unique values, goals, and traditions. 

On the road to Batoche


The commitment of the Wandering Métis team is to preserve and share Métis stories through captivating videos and written documentation. The mission is to embody care, empathy, and thoughtfulness as they embark on this journey. Through engaging videos, podcasts, and social media presence, they aim to create a profound connection that celebrates and honors the Métis culture. 

“I wander the province capturing stories, celebrations, cultural events, and Métis way of life.”

Jason McKay, AKA The Wandering Métis


While showcasing Métis people’s stories is a major part of The Wandering Métis’ work, he also works as a public speaker and emcee. Want to book him for an upcoming event you are planning? Or perhaps you have an idea for a future episode/podcast of The Wandering Métis?

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“Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I was going to have a job like I do. It’s a unique position and I am embracing the work. I am enjoying meeting new people and getting the Métis story out there.”

Jason McKay, AKA The Wandering Métis