Spirit of Michif


The Spirit of the Michif Language

Elder Norman Fleury says, “Our Michif language is a gift from the Creator; it is a God-given language, gifted to the Métis Nation.”  This section of the Métis Gathering site shares information about the origins of the Michif language. It aims to promote community engagement by teaching vocabulary words and allow everyone to engage in Michif language learning activities, such as our Michif word of the day. We all have a role to play in supporting the promotion, protection, and preservation of this sacred language.

Past efforts to suppress the use of the Michif language is a harsh reality of the collective Métis experience. On Paykiiwikay: The Métis Culture Podcast, we hear from numerous Elders and community members about how they have spoken out against the assault on our Michif language. Through these interviews, our people courageously share their personal stories about the mental, spiritual, and emotional effects of the subjugation of the Michif language in our community and families.

Today, many Métis are making Michif language preservation a priority. Our people are returning to their ancestral language and calling for the reconciliation of Michif language issues.

“I would like to make sure that everybody that could, teach their children our Michif language because it’s so colourful and the stories are so much better in our Michif language and that’s one of my big things that I would hope people do.”

Elder Joanna Potyondi / Grandma Joe, 2021