Métis Learning Corner

Michif Language:

Métis culture, values, traditions, and identity are all linked through the foundation of language. Michif is regionally reflected and can be identified through the dialects of Northern Michif, Heritage Michif and French Michif. Dene is most commonly found in North-Western parts of Saskatchewan. Many Indigenous languages are being reclaimed and revitalized. Partnering with Canadian Geographic, Métis Nation–Saskatchewan is retelling and capturing our Michif and Dene languages to ensure their survival and usage for many generations. Through an innovative early learning project, language immersion programs are available in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classrooms throughout many Métis communities.

Dene Scope and Sequence

Heritage Michif Scope and Sequence

Northern Michif Scope and Sequence


“Every child has a right to learn their Métis identity through language usage. It is our responsibility to ensure we create these opportunities for our children now and in the future – Métis rising!”

Elder Norman Fleury